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WPR-CPT – Update & Documentation

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WPR-CPT is the core module of the forthcoming WP-RAD suite of WordPress Plugins which enables Rapid Application Development in WordPress themes and plugins.

Work is ongoing for the upxoming WPR-CPT plugin. I’ve re-factored some of the code to get rid of a bit of bloat and added some additional validation to speed up processing and limit how WordPress processes some of the metabox display and storage.

Among the additional functionality is the ability to filter how the metabox (post types) or pagebox (page type) is displayed, specifically the ability to display by post-type and taxonomy-term for posts, and by page template for pages. It gives a lit of flexibility for creating flexible layouts.

I’ve also started to add the documentation to it’s own section here prior to open sourcing the project. The first of around post-meta data types is here: YesNo Radio Group

I’ll be adding more over the next few weeks. The plugin is fully functional and used extensively on this and a few local test sites

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