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WP-RAD – Rapid Application Development Toolkit

Developing With Wordpress



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WP-RAD is a multi-functional rapid application development toolkit specifically created for WordPress. It is a suite of individual plugins which wrap around, and expand, core WordPress functionality.

The components

  • WP-RAD – All components bundled together
  • WPR-Bootstrap – Clean structured code for plugin development
  • WPR-CPT – Custom Post-Type, Taxonomy, and Meta Data construction.
  • WPR-UI – Build WordPress admin interfaces quickly and cleanly
  • WPR-Theme – Toolkit for WordPress customizer.

All of the components have been under development for some time – in the case of WPR-CPT which is the primary module for several years, and more so since WordPress 3.5. Other modules are complete such as WPR-Theme. When ready these will be made available.

WPR-CPT has been used extensively on this site to build modular meta data driven components for custom page and post templates. It’s a new concept in development of WordPress themes based on Bootstrap which I’ll be developing further this year.

I’ll be adding to this further asap, and adding a larger section to this site with detailed descriptions and case-studies.

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