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I’ve just released the first of a number of plugins to the WordPress repository that centre around the relatively new WordPress Customizer. This is the integrated cutsomizer that can be accessed through themes > appearance > customise. It’s a versatile way of integrating with core WordPress functionality without the bloat of menu or option screens.

It’s something WordPress are keen on putting to the forefront of development of WordPress 4. From late October all new themes must use the customiser for theme options instead of options screens, and with a lead time of 6months all existing theme updates must use this. It’s a progressive step.

The first plugin is Loginizr. This enables administrators to fully modify the look and feel of the WordPress login screen: Loginizr Plugin

The initial version has most of the things that are needed. Future versions will add to this with tweaks or new functionality.

If you want to add to the future direction let me know at the GitHub repository: Loginizr @ GitHub. If you find any issues log an issue there as well.

Happy loginizing!

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