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Hello, and welcome to my new home on the web.

An amalgamation of work across a spectrum of areas both online and offline this will act as a repository for a significant chunk of what I’ve been involved with.

The intention is to bring together over 15yrs experience in development, primarily with PHP and MySQL, with set up and administration of Linux and Apache, and over 10yrs experience in the UK domain industry.

A primary goal over the next few months is to open source much of the PHP code I’ve developed, mainly for my own use. Some is obsolete and will get binned – mainly early PHP5 and PHP4 code, some is deprecated but may have use somewhere, some is a bit specialised and will only appeal to certain users, and some will have general appeal.

I’ll be primarily using GitHub and Gist to store the info, and some code will be displayed here as snippets or tutorials.

As an expert in development with WordPress I’ll also be releasing the WP-RAD suite of plugins I’ve developed for use with WordPress.

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