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WP_Dropdown_Categories And Parent Optgroups

WP_Dropdown_Categories is a well used core WordPress function used to display or retrieve a dropdown list of categories as formatted HTML. It is highly customisable, with multiple settings for layout, category & taxonomy types etc. There is however no current method whereby top level parent categories can be set as non-selectable optgroup select options,...
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WordPress: Working with local time

Getting the right time when working with WordPress can be a little confusing at times. Conflicting Server, PHP and WordPress settings can lead to issues. Most WordPress sites are hosted on Linux servers. These set the server time very accurately either as a fixed offset of UTC or relative to an NTP server, or...
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Create a contact form with Ajax in WordPress

Having a way for users to contact you is essential, and a contact form is the standard method of enabling this. A stylish form that displays messages to the user, seamlessly sends the mail in the background, and displays a suitable response makes the site stand out. Here we create a form, with a...
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WP-RAD – Rapid Application Development Toolkit

WP-RAD is a multi-functional rapid application development toolkit specifically created for Wordpress. It is a suite of individual plugins which wrap around, and expand, core WordPress functionality.
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Hello, and welcome to my new home on the web. An amalgamation of work across a spectrum of areas both online and offline this will act as a repository for a significant chunk of what I've been involved with. The intention is to bring together over 15yrs experience in development, primarily with PHP and...
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