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PHP: Understanding MVC Basics

Model-View-Control (MVC) is a software architecture pattern, originally formulated in the late 1970. It is built on the basis of separation of concerns - keeping the presentation of data separate from the methods that interact with the data. It is widely used in web applications across multiple languages, from javascript to Ruby, PHP, ASP.Net,...
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PHP: Old Projects & GitHub

One of the reasons for setting up a github account - apart from linking to other repositories & developers - was to migrate 10+ years of personal work and projects from local drive to online resources. Mainly just so I can clean down the drive, and to keep everything in one place. Of course...
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WordPress Trac: Taxonomy 23421 23422 33841

During early stage development of the plugin that I use to create complex data structure combinations with custom post types, taxonomies, and meta data, I found several features that were either missing from the WordPress admin UI, or were difficult to easily achieve, and which would be better integrated as an argument to generic...
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Loading Conditional Stylesheets In WordPress

Most developers will be familiar with conditional stylesheets such as the standard Internet Explorer conditional comments that allow you to load a stylesheet only in IE - a familiar site for IE5-10. Fortunately browsers are adhering to standards more every iteration. Unfortunately we still have to support the bad ones: <!--[if lt IE 9]>...
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Getting user roles in WordPress

WordPress uses a combination of Roles and Capabilities to determine site access for admins, logged in users, and guests. Capabilities determine what permissions or access a particular user has to parts of the WordPress code and/or plugin functionality. A Role is essentially a group of permissions that define a set of tasks a user...
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