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One of the reasons for setting up a github account – apart from linking to other repositories & developers – was to migrate 10+ years of personal work and projects from local drive to online resources. Mainly just so I can clean down the drive, and to keep everything in one place. Of course they may be of use to other developers.

It’s still a work in progress, a lot of stuff was archived when I moved development machines aka ‘The Laptop’ a couple of years. Some of it is a bit obsolete, some not finished, some a bit naff. Most of it is PHP, and the majority OOP from early php5.2 days, well before namespacing & better parts of php5.3+.

Still, it’s better out than in, as they say. Delving through an old directory I found an MVC project that never quite got off the ground as a framework. It has some redeemable properties, so I’ll update it a bit, do a bit of testing and get it uploaded to github.


  • Basic MVC – Router, controller, model, DB
  • MVC-DB – PDO based Database factory
  • DB-PDO – PDO based database library

I’ll post some links when done.

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