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Tutorials on a range of web development & design topics. Code samples and source files included.

PHP: Understanding MVC Basics

Model-View-Control (MVC) is a software architecture pattern, originally formulated in the late 1970. It is built on the basis of separation of concerns - keeping the presentation of data separate from the methods that interact with the data. It is widely used in web applications across multiple languages, from javascript to Ruby, PHP, ASP.Net,...
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CSS3 Transitions: FadeTo – Extending Animate.css

Animate.css is a fantastic tool for adding CSS3 transitions to your site. It gives them a creative edge with a bit of a wow factor. It comes, of course, at the additional cost of loading an extra css file, which is quite chunky at 71kb, and 55kb minified. However you don't have to add...
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Loading Conditional Stylesheets In WordPress

Most developers will be familiar with conditional stylesheets such as the standard Internet Explorer conditional comments that allow you to load a stylesheet only in IE - a familiar site for IE5-10. Fortunately browsers are adhering to standards more every iteration. Unfortunately we still have to support the bad ones: <!--[if lt IE 9]>...
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Create a contact form with Ajax in WordPress

Having a way for users to contact you is essential, and a contact form is the standard method of enabling this. A stylish form that displays messages to the user, seamlessly sends the mail in the background, and displays a suitable response makes the site stand out. Here we create a form, with a...
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