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Code and work from past and current projects. Many available open source on github.

PHP: Old Projects & GitHub

One of the reasons for setting up a github account - apart from linking to other repositories & developers - was to migrate 10+ years of personal work and projects from local drive to online resources. Mainly just so I can clean down the drive, and to keep everything in one place. Of course...
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WordPress Trac: Taxonomy 23421 23422 33841

During early stage development of the plugin that I use to create complex data structure combinations with custom post types, taxonomies, and meta data, I found several features that were either missing from the WordPress admin UI, or were difficult to easily achieve, and which would be better integrated as an argument to generic...
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WordPress: Loginizr Plugin

I've just released the first of a number of plugins to the WordPress repository that centre around the relatively new WordPress Customizer. This is the integrated cutsomizer that can be accessed through themes > appearance > customise. It's a versatile way of integrating with core WordPress functionality without the bloat of menu or option...
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WPR-CPT – Update & Documentation

Work is ongoing for the upxoming WPR-CPT plugin. I've re-factored some of the code to get rid of a bit of bloat and added some additional validation to speed up processing and limit how WordPress processes some of the metabox display and storage. Among the additional functionality is the ability to filter how the...
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