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Sass: Variables and modular scss stylesheets

The larger a web project, the more cumbersome the stylesheet. This is a generalisation of course, but has a basis in reality. For larger projects, or complex systems, css maintenance is an issue. Many developers mitigate this by splitting it into smaller related stylesheets. A functional approach, but not without the additional cost of...
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Checking for meta data in WordPress

Meta data is key:value paired data associated with posts, taxonomies and users in WordPress. Post meta data is stored in the wp_post_meta table, taxonomy term meta data in the wp_term_meta table and user meta data in the wp_user_meta data table. Post Meta Retrieval One common question is how to check that post meta data...
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Setting Tabs & Indent in Vim

Vim is a highly configurable editor built to enable efficient text editing. It is an improved version of the vi editor distributed with most UNIX systems. It also comes as a windows program gVim: Features: persistent, multi-level undo tree extensive plugin system support for hundreds of programming languages and file formats powerful search and...
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WordPress Trac: Taxonomy 23421 23422 33841

During early stage development of the plugin that I use to create complex data structure combinations with custom post types, taxonomies, and meta data, I found several features that were either missing from the WordPress admin UI, or were difficult to easily achieve, and which would be better integrated as an argument to generic...
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WordPress: Localization, Javascript & IIFE

If you've been curious how a WordPress theme handles custom javascript - and particularly jQuery - functionality, then you may have delved inside the default WordPress theme, currently TwentySixteen. The main custom javascript file is functions.js, in the theme js subfolder. You may have noticed something that not everyone is familiar with. The code...
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