CSS Coding Standards

Most developers when asked about coding standards think about structural languages such as PHP, Javascript, Ruby etc. and how the code is written. For many web languages there aren't strict standards, more informal collaborative attempts at an evolving baseline. Such is the case for PHP with the PHP-FIG organisation. However, it's still the case...
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Optimising Your WordPress Site: Post Revisions

Post revisions is a feature in WordPress allowing you to keep track when editing content. Whenever a post or page is saved the old version is retained so it can be reverted back at any time. These revisions are by default never deleted so you always have a full history of all editorial changes.
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Additional colours for bootstrap components

Innovative fonts, typography, and thoughtful templating with contemporary palettes & colours can be the difference in making any site immediately stand out - essential for the attention deficit voyeurs of the web! Sites like fontsquirrel and colorlovers an be great places for inspiration.
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Case Study: Using post-formats to build modular templates.

Post-formats were introduced in WordPress 3.1 as a way of adding flexibility into post content display. The issue that most people seem to have, myself included, is their lack of flexibility which particularly dents their usefulness.
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Dynamic widgets in horizontal sidebars 3

In the previous part we discussed the alternative method of adding multiple widgets to a horizontal sidebar. Here we streamline this and tweak the traditional method.
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